Difference Between Jail and Prison

Difference between Jail And Prison

Jail and prison are legal institutions used to keep convicts locked up for as long as they are sentenced. The difference between jail and prison is actually not difficult to understand and to decipher. While they are both similar in many ways, the differences between them are pretty stark too. Before we dive into discussing […]

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Theft Charges in Canada

Know in Detail about Theft and Fraud Charges in Canada

In Canada and worldwide, theft is one of the most common crimes in criminal and investigative courts. However, many people confuse it with robbery or another kind of crime. The difference is very simple. In a robbery, the offender exerts violence or intimidation against a person or acts with force in things. In a theft, […]

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Corporate Crime in Canada

Corporate Crime in Canada: Simple Guide to Do Business in Canada

Law enforcement organizations in Canada and throughout the world are working hard against inappropriate and unlawful corporate activities. The companies should consult a team of legal specialists with national and international expertise and experience to assure compliance with the complex system of laws, rules, and governance standards to prevent any corporate crimes. Let us allow […]

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Sex Offender Registry in Canada

How to get off the Sex Offender Registry in Canada

According to the sex offender information registration act, a person sentenced to a designated sexual offense is required to record with the police department for 10 years, 20 years, or for life, relying on the crime and other reasons. However, this law aims to prevent sex-related criminalities and assist the police in the investigation. A […]

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Forcible Confinement Law in Canada

Know the Forcible Confinement Law in Canada

Forcible Confinement is not legal in Canada and is considered a serious crime. Forcible Confinement is a type of physical abuse. Sometimes people confuse forcible Confinement with kidnapping, which are not quite the same. To clear out all the confusion, here is our version of the forcible confinement meaning. Also, we will try to discuss […]

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