Criminal Negligence Causing Death

Criminal Negligence Causing Death

Criminal negligence more often occurs in Canada, whether intentionally or unintentionally. But the issue is, due to this, a person can even die, and the rate of criminal negligence causing death is about 15% in a year.

Most of the time, criminal negligence occurs on the road due to vehicles. So, a criminal defence lawyer needs to be communicated immediately to get justice or even if you think that the claim on you or your loved one is false.

Furthermore, many are not yet sure what circumstances fall under criminal negligence. So, have some time to know more about it in detail.

What is Criminal Negligence?

When a person fails to do the duty given to him and instead a lot of harm happened to the responsibility, it is known as criminal negligence. Moreover, the tasks might be different depending on the qualification and the position of the person.

For example,

  • A driver has been responsible for looking after the vehicle and not harming anybody on the road.
  • A babysitter has to look after a child or children of the other parents in their absence.
  • Employers need to think about their employees while they are at the workstation.

However, there are two forms of criminal negligence. One is causing bodily harm, and the other is causing death. Based on these two, the police charge a defaulter so that nothing like this happens again in the future.

Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm

The above definition has cleared that harm can be caused to anybody due to negligence or carelessness, whether he/she is from your known list or any passerby. Let us look at some examples to learn in-depth about it.

Example 1: Parents

One of the parents might physically assault a child every day, and due to this, the child has several injuries on her body. The other parent also knows about the inconvenience but yet does nothing to protect his child.

As the parents have to protect their children, they will fall under criminal negligence for not performing their duties.

Example 2: Babysitters

Generally, if both the parents are working out of the house to earn a livelihood, they hire a person who has the proper knowledge about children and can take care of their child. Although babysitters have chosen this profession to show love and affection to the children, many do not perform their duty correctly.

Such proof can be seen when the house is under surveillance. The childminder may beat the child if he cries a lot or does not want to have food. So, due to this heinous activity, while performing his/her duty, a babysitter will fall under criminal negligence.

Criminal Negligence Causing Death

Due to negligence, not only harm but also death can happen. As death means a significant loss for a family, the other family member can cause a file against the victim. And, of course, several proofs are required for this like witness, CCTV footage, information about the victim, medical certificate from the hospital, and much other evidence.

Here are the two situations if you are thinking about how death can occur due to criminal negligence.

Example 1: Drivers

When the drivers are on the road, they need to abide by the traffic rules and not do other stuff. This is because due to their wrong driving strategy, a pedestrian, a person from the other vehicle, or the person with the drive can face spot death.

So, both drivers and pedestrians need to follow the rules dedicated to decreasing the death rate.

Example 2: Employers

When employees are at the workstation, it is the responsibility of the supervisor or the employers to look after them. Sometimes it is even seen that the place they are working is very risky. So, if they fall from the stairs or from a high position where there is no railing, there is a 90% chance that the person will die.

Criminal Negligence Punishment

As there are two parts in criminal negligence, the punishment is also divided according to that. For example,

  • for causing bodily harm, the defaulter can be imprisoned for a maximum of 10 years
  • for causing death, the defaulter can be punished with lifetime imprisonment
  • the driving license of the driver will be suspended for a lifetime if he is the defaulter


Contact a Criminal Defence Lawyer

A lawyer can help the victims who are going through the loss due to criminal negligence or even if an innocent person is accused of such inconvenience. Moreover, a police officer will investigate according to what is in front of him or what the witnesses say.

But a lawyer will go deep into the matter with his several years of experience. He will visit the spot and collect further evidence related to it, watch the CCTV footage, if any, interrogate the victim, the defaulter, and the witnesses. After all these doings, the real reason and the defaulter can be identified.

You are most welcome to knock Moose Jaw Criminal Defence Lawyer at any moment as we are highly eager to listen from our clients about their problems. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field, and we are sure to help you at any cost.

The Bottom Line

More or less everybody is careless about their jobs. But if the matter reaches death and it will be more horrific. Moreover, none should be that much irresponsible, whether it is the time to drive a vehicle or taking care of the children.

If anything happens like this, then they will be punished under the criminal negligence law. However, from the above information, you have already known about criminal negligence causing death. Additionally, you have also learned about criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

But if you are quite confident that you are innocent, pick up the phone and call your lawyer right away.



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