What are the Different Types of Murder Charges?


What is Murder?

Murder is the killing of a man by man intentionally or unintentionally.

Basic categories of murders

These two categories have been introduced because both of them have different degrees of charges depending upon the mindset of the killer.

1. Intentional killing: It has a separate and severe punishment. It occurs when a person murders with a mindset to kill a person in the presence of law. It makes the lawmakers anxious, and they provide us with the worst possible punishment, even death.

2. Unintentional murder: This type of murder can be forgiven. It is so because most of the time in it, the person is innocent. He tries to be helpful but results in the hurting or killing of someone. Such as if a person tries to kill a bird for hunting and while loading his gun, the gun automatically fires the bullet, and it hits one of the persons standing, and he dies. So, this kind of murder is unintentional and mostly forgiven, or if a person is punished, his punishment will be imprisonment for a few days.

Types of murders and their charges

Based on degree, four types of murders take place and are also given punishment. These are 1. First-degree murder 2. Second-degree murder 3. Voluntary manslaughter 4. Involuntary manslaughter.


1. First-degree murder

It is a type of murder that falls directly into the category of intentional murder. In it, the murderer usually plans the murder before time and then attempts the murder. For this type of murder, the charge of felony murder is applied. This charge is only eligible for those who have attempted and killed the person to kill him.

2. Second-degree murder

This type of murder also falls in the category of intentional murder. It has only one difference which makes it separate from first-degree murder. The difference is that in this type of murder, no planning occurs.

Everything related to the murder happens on the spot. For example, if a person is passing by and due to some reasons of parking or some other issue a fight starts, and during this fight, a man is killed; then this murder is called second-degree murder, and the same felony murder charge is applied to this degree of murder too.

3. Voluntary manslaughter

This murder is the same as the second-degree murder. It is so because this also falls in the category of intentional murder and is also not pre-planned. Whereas, the main difference is that if a man is mentally disturbed and kills a person is voluntary manslaughter.

For example, if a man comes to know that the one with whom he has been in a relationship is cheating on him and then attempts a murder will be called voluntary manslaughter.

4. Involuntary manslaughter

All of the types mentioned above are intentionally performed acts whereas this involuntary manslaughter occurs unintentionally, whereas the actions that a person performs lead to the cause of death. For example, rash driving, drunk driving, etc. The charges of this murder are different in several states.



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