Overview on Possession of Drugs

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One of the easiest and surest ways you can find yourself charged with a crime is through the possession of drugs. While there are many legal, medical drugs that are used for health benefits, the criminal charge refers to possession of illegal drugs. Some such illicit drugs include cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

In this article, we will discuss the consequences you might face if law enforcement catches and charges you for possession of illegal drugs.

What is Considered Possession of Drugs?

The term possession refers to ownership – in simple words. When you own an object, a piece of asset or property, or any form of tangible entity, it could be claimed that those are your possession or you possess them.

In case of drug possession, when you have any kind of illegal substance on you in person or your surrounding area, you can be charged for it.

For instance, if your flatmate stored illegal drugs at your apartment and you were aware of this information, you could be charged for it. However, the situation can be overruled if you actually have no knowledge about it and can prove it.

Similarly, if you are intaking a drug for medical purposes and are aware that it is illegal, you are at risk. On the other hand, if you do not know about its unlawful status and believe it is indeed legal, you once again need to prove your innocence.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult for the accused or defendant to prove their innocence regarding drug possession.

Penalties for Possession of drugs

Now, what will happen if you are charged and arrested for possession of drugs? Whether you are innocent or not, is it possible to make it out? What are the precautions you must take to save and protect yourself in the long run? There are so many questions that emerge when it comes to such a critical situation.

Do not fret. Let us inform you about the possible penalties you might face if you have drugs on you.

It is important to note that two types of possessions are considered when the law charges someone because of drugs.

First, if the person simply owns the illegal substance for personal use and purpose.

The second one is when an individual holds the substances with the intention of selling or dealing them. The penalties for the latter are much more rigid than the former.

If you merely have drugs for personal use, you will be charged with a certain amount of fines depending. You might also be sent to rehab.

While, on the other hand, if you own a large number of drugs in order to distribute them, you could be fined up to 100 000 CAD or even more in some cases. If the situation is of the worst level, there is no escaping incarceration for at least 10 years or so.

Other types of penalties include a probation period – during which the convict will need to check up with their probation officer and follow strict policies and rules. Some convicts are also sentenced with diversion programs, in which the convict must take counseling and behavior sessions for a certain period.

Possession Versus Distribution Or Sale

If you are wondering about the difference between possessing and distributing drugs, let us quickly clarify.

When an individual owns and uses drugs for personal needs or pleasure, it can be said they only possess the drugs.

On the other hand, when a person holds an incredibly large amount of drugs to give to others in exchange for monetary or non-monetary value, they are distributing or selling the drugs. Not only are they responsible for their own health, but they are contributing to others’ too.

Distributing or selling illegal substances is considered a far more heinous crime than simply possessing drugs for personal use. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, both are illegal and are considered crimes in the eyes of the law.

Drugs in Vehicles

Oftentimes we see or read about drug possession cases related to transport. People who smuggle drugs will use their vehicles and other means to transport the illegal substances from one place to another, at times crossing borders too. Other times, people will simply stack a packet of substances in their car for whatever reason.

The point is all of it is a bad idea. If you are caught with drugs in your car or any other form of vehicle, you will be in trouble. You can be charged and sentenced with any of the penalties mentioned above.

Nonetheless, if you do not possess drugs, but your passengers do, you can still be charged as the driver. In such cases, you need to prove you had no idea that the person(s) in your car had drugs on them.

Speak to a Lawyer

If you are ever charged with possession of drugs or know somebody who is, we highly recommend you hire a lawyer. It is essential to do so because such cases are extremely sensitive, and without proper knowledge regarding the law, you cannot save yourself. Thus, a lawyer will take the necessary precautions and measurements to help you out.


To sum up, possession of drugs is straight-up illegal and an act of crime. It is considered so for every kind of illicit substance in the country. Thus, it is crucial always to ensure the drugs you are being prescribed are legal and valid; if you have even an ounce of doubt about the legal status of any medicinal drug, always check-up.

Possession of drugs can be all fun and games, especially at a young age. However, the consequences you or anybody could face for a failure of sensible judgment could result in criminal charges and records in your name. It will affect you for a lifetime in every aspect of life. Therefore, be careful, and if you are already deep in the waters, hire an expert legal aid.



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