What does Law Say about Sex Trafficking in Canada?

Sex Trafficking in Canada

Sex trafficking in Canada is a growing heinous crime that is nowhere near the possibility of stopping even though having such strict laws. In fact, every year, about 6 lacs to 8 lacs people are trafficked for sex exploitation worldwide.

People are mainly trafficked for doing either forced labor or sexual abuse. The main victims of sex trafficking are young girls ranging from the age of 15-25 years. But it doesn’t mean that males and older girls (over 25 years) are in the safe zone. It is so severe that anyone can be a victim of this monstrous offense anytime.

Imagine being a victim where you are forced to do everything against your will. Even the mere thought of it is so scary that one can only guess the pain and fear of those spending each of their days without having any control over your life.

It is like you are a toy whose key is under someone’s hands. That’s why sex trafficking is often known as modern-day slavery. Take a moment of your valuable time to learn in detail about sex trafficking, its statistics, and the law against sex trafficking in Canada.

What is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking happens when someone uses force, fraud, or intimidation to cause a commercial sex act with an adult or forces a minor to commit a commercial sex act. Such as prostitution, pornography, or sexual performance done in exchange for money, drugs, shelter, food, etc.

The traffickers use fear, violence, intimidation, and threats to ensure that everything happens based on their wish, so their ultimate goal is served. Now the question may arise how the traffickers succeed in luring so many people even though sex trafficking is so much prevalent and everyone knows about them?

Whether you say power or cleverness, the traffickers lure people mainly in the context of promising them to give them a better life. They study the people around them and finds the weaknesses based on which they target efficiently. The easiest target of them is the young age people.

They can be fooled easily as they are too young and naïve to realize such profound things. The common age of a child entering into the world of sex trafficking is 14-16 years, or it can be even low as 12  years of age.

In fact, it will be surprising for you to know most of the traffickers are the known people around us. Such as that person can be your lover, friend, colleague, neighbor, or even a relative. That’s why always stay alert of everyone around you and if you sense any negativity, then refrain from themselves as much as possible.

Sex Trafficking in Canada

Statistics of Sex Trafficking in Canada

Although most victims of sex trafficking are young girls, in reality, no age, gender, race, or nationality of people is saved and can be a victim any time from any part of the world.

Canada, one of the 1st ranked countries, also has a massive number of victims that is increasing with time. Despite making and enforcing strict laws against trafficking, the number isn’t decreasing. Instead, it is touching skyrocket by adding a huge number to its list every year, though it will be hard to digest, it is true.

You will understand and believe it by going through the below statistics of sex trafficking by age group occurring in Canada:

Age Percentage
Less than 18 years 25.13%
18-24 years 46.95%
25-34 years 18.53%
35-44 years 5.84%
45-54 years 2.28%
55 and over 1.27%

Sex Trafficking Law in Canada

Sex trafficking is a kind of human trafficking. As a result, the law passed for human trafficking automatically applies to sex trafficking by default. No separate law is passed for sex trafficking.

Any type of human trafficking is strictly prohibited and is against the law code in Canada. The maximum punishment is a life sentence, and the minimum punishment is 14 years of imprisonment.

Even after having such punishment, sexual exploitation in Canada is prevalent, and, instead of lessening, it is constantly increasing with each passing year. The Canadian government has made strict laws against human trafficking, and each falls under Canada’s criminal and immigration law:

Criminal Code of Canada

In Canada, human trafficking is made an offense by law under the criminal code in the year 2005.

Section 279.01 of the criminal code of Canada have defined human trafficking as:

“Any person who recruits, ships, receives, control, hides another person against their will for doing any commercial activity for their selfish motive will be directly considered guilty of a criminal crime.”

However, 3 more sections in the criminal law of Canada have also addressed human trafficking, namely:

  • Section 279.011 (Trading a person under 18 years of age)
  • Section 279.02 (Shrewdly taking money or other kinds of benefits by using another person against their will)
  • Section 279.03 (Captivating or damaging any personal identification such as a national ID, passport of the person being traded)

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Although human trafficking was made a criminal offense in 2005, it has still been a national immigration crime under the national Immigration And Refugee Protection Act since 2002.

Section 118 of the Immigration And Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) says:

“If anyone is brought in Canada forcefully either by tricking, deceiving, or threatening them is against the law, and the one who does will be considered guilty by the law.”

Furthermore, it is also illegal and forbidden to keep and control someone’s life against their will in Canada. And anyone who is found guilty will have to face punishment depending on the severity of the case.

The Bottom Line

Sex trafficking is a terrible crime that must be eliminated from society. Otherwise, it will continue to burn people and destroy several lives in the upcoming days.

No one deserves such a life, and nobody has the right to make someone forcefully make a part of this painful and horrible life. It is literally like selling yourself to someone that has got the remote control to do everything.

The best way to prevent this is to be always aware of everything happening around us. Like, check where your children are going, meeting whom, don’t believe anybody who seems too friendly without running a survey on him or her.

Although sex trafficking in Canada has increased manifold and taken a serious turn, don’t get disheartened. Hopefully, it will be eradicated entirely. And thus, a time will come where everyone will be safe, and no one will have a fear of losing their close one ever.



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