Different Types of Human Trafficking in Canada

Types of Human Trafficking

Nowadays, the rate of human trafficking is increasing enormously in the whole world. And the wicked people related to it also find different types of human trafficking techniques to attack innocent people of all ages.

According to the Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre report, in 2005, about 455 cases were identified and laid charges. Among them, 433 were of sexual exploitation, and 22 were against forced labor at the international level.

Take a moment to learn more about it in detail with Canada’s penalties and laws against trafficking.

What is Human Trafficking?

When a person is being taken to another city or country forcefully or by fraud to perform illegal work, it will be defined as human trafficking. So, it can also be said that the other name of human trafficking is modern slavery. Moreover, the victim in this category can be men, women, children of all ages, people of all races and nationalities. Victims or their families should take the help of a human trafficking lawyer.

About 45.8 million people from the whole world have been gone through human trafficking. Among them, some are forcefully married, some are forced into sexual exploitation, and many other tasks. However, it is not easy to get the exact statistics as many cases of human trafficking are still unreported and undetected.

Human Trafficking

Different Types of  Human Trafficking

There are several types of human trafficking in society. Some of the most common types are:

  • Sex trafficking
  • Forced labor
  • Domestic slavery
  • Debt bondage
  • Selling different body organs

Below is a brief discussion about these so that you do not run out of knowledge while talking about human trafficking.

Sex Trafficking

Generally, women and girls are selected for sex trafficking to be used as sex toys. Without their permission and willingness, they are forced to choose the profession of the prostitute. And the girls who have not yet reached the teenage stage are injected with a particular type of injection to grow their immune system.

However, boys are not also free from this type of torture. Many men have an interest in the same gender. And as our society does not want to accept it, boys are forcefully hijacked to perform this type of work.

Forced Labor

People are often hijacked to make them do different types of labor work. Under this type of trafficking, a person can be forced to do work at:

  • Construction site
  • Hotel services
  • Saloons
  • Agricultural work
  • Bars and dance clubs
  • Manufacturing industry

Moreover, these people are kept confined in a room or building under strict surveillance not to run away. They are also tortured in several ways to make the work done.

Domestic slavery

It is hard for almost everybody to do all the household chores alone. So, they like to look for a maid or servant who can do the work for them with perfection. And as it is quite challenging to find such type of person on whom they can rule, they contact the person who can provide them one.

However, these people are those who are connected to human trafficking. They sell the boys and girls of others without permission, and they are mistreated every day. Some are even brutally tortured and killed if there is any default in work.

Debt bondage

Sometimes a person from the family takes debt from the powerful and wealthy person due to need. But when they cannot meet the deadline to pay the money, different types of torture begin on them and their family members. Moreover, it is also seen that a person from the family is kidnapped and then asked for the money with the double amount.

And even if they fail to give the money, that person is sold as a slave or in the prostitute hall.

Selling Different Body Organs

Even if a person gives you millions of dollars, you will, of course, not sell one of your body parts. But the situation might be different if you are too poor to survive. So, the people who are related to human trafficking look for the people who are physically fit.

And at one point, they are being hijacked and taken straight to their center to take away the vital body parts like eyes, kidney, heart, liver, and lungs. Later these are sold at a high price.

What is The Technique of  Human Trafficking?

The people who are related to human trafficking have a very criminal mind. They always look for a unique idea to trap a new person. But some of the most common ways or techniques are:

  • by creating violence
  • by manipulation
  • false promises to give high paid job
  • false relationship

So, it is essential to know about the person very well with whom you might talk a bit earlier. And do not also believe any person blindly because you never know the motive behind that beautiful smile.

Punishment for Human Trafficking in Canada

Human exploitation is strictly prohibited in Canada, and it is also against the law. But still, if someone commits this crime, the maximum punishment is life imprisonment, and the minimum sentence is 14 years of jail.

Moreover, it falls under Canada’s criminal and immigration laws. Below are some of the laws with references.

Criminal Code of Canada

Human trafficking is a crime since 2005 under the criminal code of Canada.

Section 279.01 says that if any person is targeted to transfer, control, exploit, or any other heinous deed will be guilty due to this indictable offense. However, there are three more offenses to discourse human trafficking in the criminal law of Canada:

  • Section 279.011 (hijacking a person who is less than 18 years old)
  • Section 279.02 (knowledgeably getting benefits or money from human trafficking)
  • Section 279.03 (destroying or taking away the personal identification or travel papers of the person being trafficked)

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Since 2002, human trafficking has been a national immigration felony in the immigration and refugee protection act.

Section 118 says that the law is disrespected if anyone is brought or recruited to Canada without their will or permission, whether by threatening, tricking, or force. Moreover, it is also prohibited to keep someone forcefully in Canada and control them through others’ orders.

The Bottom Line

All types of human trafficking should be eradicated from society and the country as soon as possible. Because no one wants to live far away from the family and do work against his/her will. Moreover, it is a heinous crime if someone is forced to do that.

If any of your family members is missing, you need to report it to the police before it is too late. And the most important thing is that you need to first investigate about the person who is talking with you too friendly is actually here with what intention.



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