What Type of Law Do Most Lawyers Practice?

Type of Law Do Most Lawyers Practice

When you are enrolled in law school, they usually provide you with fundamental skills that are needed to choose your major subject area. There can be much confusion about which practice is better for your career.

A lawyer can’t provide legal services effectively in different sectors. That’s why a lawyer needs to choose one from these different law sectors and do more practice on it. But as a lawyer, do you have proper ideas on what type of law do most lawyers practice? Let’s know about it.

12 Areas of Law Do Most Lawyers Practice

1. Corporate Law

They are also known as a business lawyer. They usually are involved in the discussion about employment, property-related case. In some cases, these lawyers only focus on the basic cases, like; how to form your business, what will be the rules and regulations of your company, what will be the steps if any illegal activities happen in your organization. You have the option of whether you want to focus on the large business or want to focus on the startup businesses.

Business transactional lawyers and business litigation lawyers – these two types’ practices are mainly famous. Business transactional lawyers do the negotiating deals, and the business litigation lawyers focus on the lawsuit like when any violation occurs in your company or when someone sues your company.

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2. Employment Law

Employment lawyers handle the issues which are related to the company’s employees. They are much like corporate lawyers, which means they are involved in both litigation lawyers and transactional lawyers.

Sometimes they do work as a litigation lawyer and transactional lawyers. If the owner faces any problem by the employees or employees face any problem in the organization, employment law will help you from these problems.

3. Finance Law

They are also known as a securities lawyer & work in a particular sector of law. Usually, they are involved in those matters which are related to banks and anything that issuing money. They help to handle those cases if the IRS and SEC complaint file against the corporate members.

4. Intellectual Property Law (IP)

Intellectual property law deals with intangible property. Mainly three major areas on which they do focus; copyright, trademark, and patent. For the patent lawyer, they need to collect a license that is more valuable than a regular law degree, and they need to have the technical background for this license. Professional knowledge means engineering, software development, or chemistry background.

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5. Family Law

You have already got the ideas by seeing this name what actually family lawyers do. A family lawyer is involved in every family issue, and if there is any conflict that arises, they handle those. A family lawyer is especially concerned with a divorce case, custody case, and pre-marriage agreement and also with other matters which is related to marriage and children. In short, they cover all the legal issues in the family.

6. Tax Law

Tax lawyers are doing their case for the businesses and individuals when they have to face any tax-related issue. They usually defend your case in the court when IRS does auditing you, and for this, you have encountered a considerable amount of fines. Most of the tax lawyer works in estate planning, or they work in the tax department of the large corporation.

7. Criminal Defense Law

Criminal defense lawyer works for the people who have committed a crime or are accused of any serious crime. Typically criminal defense lawyers negotiate in sentencing the criminal for reducing fines or help them to stay out of jail. Serious crimes like drug trafficking, murder, assault for these cases, criminal defense lawyer help the criminal.

8. Personal Injury Law

If you have faced injuries of any nature, your personal injury lawyer will help you to get help from the court. You may have to pay a huge amount to the doctor to get well soon, and your lawyer can help you to reduce this money. You will find this practice in most cases. They are generally involved in insurance companies so that whenever you will need any financial help, they will help you.

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9. Immigration Law

This lawyer practice will help you when you have an emergency to bring in or send out any family member in the country. Sometimes they will provide suggestions if you need any help regarding immigration-related for your employees or the close one.

10. Real Estate Law

This law practice will help you in any legal issue which is related to the property cases. Here are also some specifications like business lawyers, transactional lawyers, and litigation lawyers. There are two types of real estate you will find in the market; one is commercial real estate, and the one in residential real estate. This is totally up to you on which law you want to practice to focus your growth.

11. Digital Media and Internet Lawyer

If anyone uses the technology in the wrong way, then they will have to face the legal issue from the court, in that case, they might need any lawyer to fight their case. Or this practice will also help those people who are a victim in this technology world.

12. Traffic lawyer

This law practice is considered a very high-volume lawyer. Usually, a lot of clients have visited them every day, and that’s why this law practice is widespread among the lawyer. From small cases to big cases, they take every case very seriously.

Traffic lawyers will go to the court for the hearing on behalf of you and will negotiate whether you have a chance to get some compensation or not. Some criminal lawyers will also fight the case against your traffic law in court.


So you have brief ideas about what type of law do most lawyers practice. It is essential to know how to find the right lawyers whenever you need one. Though there are many overlapping law practices in the industry, so you need to make sure to find a specialized lawyer to get your legal service. Otherwise, it would be risky and can create unnecessary situations in your life and your future.



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